Leaky Pool Pipes?

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  • epoxy-pool
  • tri-city cypress pool

ePIPE patented leak protection technology fixes pipes in-place.

Compared to a repipe, the epipe process has many benefits that include:
  • Minimal to no destruction of existing structures,
  • Less disruption to the property owner,
  • Most piping systems can be repaired the same day 
  • Lower cost since materials like concrete and landscaping do not need to be removed and replaced.
ePIPE Pool Case Studies
peninsula-pool bridge-house-pool london-pool
Peninsula Pool Bridge House, Hampshire London Pool

If you would like a free estimate, a presentation for your board or community, or to learn more about how the ePIPE process, please contact our office at (800) 359-6369.


Bring Lead Service Lines into EPA WHO Compliance 

LeadSmart® is America’s Fastest Growing Lead (Pb) Detection and Remediation Service.

2017 has been an exceptional year for our ePIPE family.

If you have experienced the nightmare of a pinhole or slab leak or know someone that has, then yo

ePipe (epoxy pipe lining), provides an effective solution for restoring leaking and corroded wate

The proven ePIPE epoxy pipe lining process has been used in Homeowner's Associations and other Mu